Scuba Diving

Come and learn to dive in the beautiful waters of Mamanuca Islands. Beachcomber also have the only dive training pool in the region the experienced diving instructors can show you how easy it is to discover a whole new world underwater. There are bubble maker courses available for the children or inexperienced right up to Dive Master and Rescue Diver courses.

Come dive with us and we will show you a side to Fiji you will never forget!

Our fully qualified scuba diving instructors know every inch of coral in the region and will show you the very best dive sites to suit you, no matter your level of expertise. Explore the underwater world in the waters around the Mamanuca Islands. This two-tank guided dive with one of our highly qualified PADI dive masters using our custom built dive boat. Dive sites are decided on the morning of the dive. Wreck/coral dives can be requested. Must be open water certified. Discover (introductory) scuba dives also available.

With 44 dive sites around Mamanuca group Beachcomber has a few well known sites within a couple of kilometers each.

The Outpost/ Jackie’s Reef/Jimmis reef/ Fannys reef/Side street

For 35 years the resort has been fish feeding here from coral viewing boats and this has bought about a fish population of great diversity and abundance. Both large and small reef fish, both solo and in huge schools, allow a rare opportunity to see all these fish at one shallow, easy and close dive site.


B26 Bomber Dive SiteB26 Bomber

This American Bomber aero plane crash landed only 1 1/2 kilometers from Beachcomber Island in 26 meters of water. Although the aero plane is well broken up and strewn across the bottom of the ocean, most parts are still all there. We have connected them by a rope so they are easy to find. Entire wing sections, both engines, tail section, electronics, ammunition, the undercarriage, and in fact, the entire aircraft is on the seabed. Although there are no skeletons to be seen, we understand that all the crew were killed on impact.

Tui’s Reef

An easy dive in 18 meters of water or less on a series of pinnacles close to Beachcomber Island. Often used for night diving where divers frequently observe Crayfish, Clams, Moray Eels and a multitude of other tropical marine life.

The Supermarket

Just 10 kilometres away from the resorts is possibly the world’s most famous shark encounter. Grey reef sharks, White tip reef sharks and black tip reef sharks keep the adrenaline pumping! This is one of our most exciting dives – you can guess where the staff dive on their days off!


Salamanda Shipwreck

The Salamanda is a decommissioned, 40 metre cruise ship that we sank in 30 metres of water. Diving on a shipwreck is always an exciting dive. The vessel is now covered in soft corals and anemones. Shrimps and crabs in some of these anemones have produced a number of prize winning photographs.

Vomo Island Dive Site

We have two separate dive sites here; Ronnies Reef (named after a famous New Zealand diver) never fails to please even the most discerning of scuba divers. Dramatic canyons and gullies along with great fish life, unusual and spectacular coral formations will be found here. The other site, known as Vomo Caves, consists of caverns and swim-throughs with shafting light breaking through crevices in the reef above makes this dive a very memorable experience.

Bird Rock Dive Site Bird Rock

A dramatic sheer wall plunging in excess of 40 metres. This site is known for its swim-throughs and caves, soft corals and plentiful fish action.